Further resources

Here is a selection of other resources that may be useful to your project.

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Common concerns about wind power

This research paper was commissioned by CSE and draws on peer-reviewed articles and government-funded analysis to address some of the primary concerns that are expressed in relation to wind power. This document is useful when running workshops to look at the possibilities for wind power.

Energy audit

This document is a checklist combined with guidance notes to guide you through an energy audit of your community building so that you can identify the most effective options for energy efficiency improvements.

Biomass woodfuel estimator

This spreadsheet should be used to help guide you when planning any type of biomass project, whether you are planning an individual boiler scheme or a district heating scheme.

Estimating wind speed

This document will help you to determine whether a particular location will be suitable for a wind turbine in terms of the wind speed of the area, and whether further investigations should be carried out.

Solar PV checklist: Questions to ask installers

This guidance provides a checklist of questions to ask potential suppliers and installers of any solar PV installation to help you fully understand the process and ensure you are able to make the right decisions to et the best deal, and not be caught out by any nasty surprises.

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