Renewable Energy

Many community energy projects look to support the installation of renewable and low carbon energy technologies. Aside from the obvious benefits to the environment, these can provide valuable income for communities, particularly given the feed-in tariff and Renewable Heat Incentive.

Don't forget, though, that it does makes sense to reduce how much energy your community uses before generating more. 

It's also important to consider which technology will suit the community best. You want to make sure that your renewable project will result in significant environmental benefits alongside acceptable financial returns.

The technologies section explains the technologies themselves and the practical considerations for each. The videos provide more information on the different aspects of setting up a renewable energy project, from project management and community engagement through to getting planning permission and financing the project.

There are some elements of community renewable projects that need to be considered whichever technology you choose. The PlanLoCaL films and resources provide guidance on:

More on community renewables

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There's also a whole load of video case studies of successful community renewables projects available here.